Accropeutics Bioscience inks over $50M series B round

2021-12-01 09:02:00   views:

Accro Bioscience (Suzhou) Limited (“Accropeutics Bioscience”), a China-based leadingbiotechnology company, announced that the company has recently raised over $50 million in an oversubscribed Series B round. The financing was led by HongtaiAplus with participation from South China Venture Capital, Shenzhen Capital Group, Suzhou Oriza Holdings, and others.
Accropeutics Bioscience will leverage the funds to advance clinical development, pre-clinical research and international partnerships,” said Dr. Xiaohu Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Accropeutics Bioscience, “We are very pleased with the support and confidence of our current and new investors.”

“We appreciate the R&D and execution capabilities of the team, and look forward to the continuous breakthroughs of 
Accropeutics Bioscience in the future,” said Morningside.

“We are optimistic about the development of 
Accropeutics Bioscience,” said HongtaiAplus, “We are delighted to lead this round of financing and look forward to the in-depth cooperation with Accropeutics Bioscience in the future.”
Accropeutics Bioscience

Accropeutics Bioscience was established in late 2017 and raised exclusive series A investment from Morningside Ventures. The company’s research centers on the molecular mechanism of regulated cell death such as necroptosis, pyroptosis, and ferroptosis, which are associated with major human diseases.

Accropeutics Bioscience’s core R&D team has over 10 years of experience in biological research in regulated cell death and medicinal chemistry. Dr. Xiaohu Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Accropeutics Bioscience, is a pharmaceutical industry veteran and previously served as the Executive Director at BioDuro/PDD China, Dr. Sudan He, co-founder, and scientific consultant at Accropeutics, is a distinguished scholar.